• Gort Kids

    Gort Kids

    Gort Kids is a cross community after schools club catering for the needs of 4-12 year olds and their families in the Cookstown area. We welcome all children in this age group into our club and aim ...

  • Community Services Unit

    Community Services Unit

    The objective of Cookstown District Council\\\'s Community Services Unit is to support our local community, for example in accessing funding and promoting a healthier, safer, more community-orienta...

  • Community Safety Partnership

    Community Safety Partnership


    Community Safety

    Community Safety seeks to reduce crime, the fear of crime, anti-social behaviour and other factors that ...

  • Good Relations

    Good Relations

    What is Good Relations?

    The term ‘Good Relations’ (frequently also referred to as ‘Community Relations) comes from Section 75 of the  N.I. Act (19...

  • Mid Ulster Child Contact Centre

    Mid Ulster Child Contact Centre

    Mid Ulster Child Contact Centre aims to provide a child friendly, safe, neutral environment in which children can spend time with a parent or significant other person (eg. Grandparent) with whom th...

  • Carer and Toddler Group

    carer and toddler group

  • Probation Board test

    Probation Board test

    PBNI helps to prevent reoffending by assessing offenders, challenging their offending behaviour, changing their attitudes and behaviour and thereby protecting the public. PBNI seeks...

  • Rural Development Council

    Rural Development Council

    RDC provides a range of development, support,  training and delivery services for individuals, farmers, farm families, groups, communities, public and private sector organisations. Services ca...