Satellite Unit

As part of reform and modernisation, the Northern Trust has developed a number of Satellite Units which provide adults with a learning disability a structured day service in a smaller building in their local community, away from the larger Adult Centre.

A Satellite may also provide an assessment centre to prepare individuals, where appropriate, for community based day services such as employment and further education.

Each Satellite Unit is staffed from a linked Adult Centre and Day Opportunities Programme staff also contribute to the service provided.

Structured activities and assessments may include:

  • Use of community facilities
  • Personal Safety – PSNI and NIFRS
  • Independent living skills
  • Arts and craft
  • Music
  • Indoor leisure activities
  • Gardening
  • Social outings
  • Independent Travel Training
  • Vocational sampling and volunteering

Adults attending the Satellite should require no direct personal care and will benefit from a quieter, smaller, creative day service. Individuals who wish to progress to community based services will be supported to develop new skills to make this transition successfully.